by Dawn Landry | Nov 16, 2019 | Leveraging Strengths | 1 comment

How is it that a person who just met you a few hours ago can already know you?

Now I don’t mean know you/know you, but I mean that they have categorized you into a particular bucket such that when you talk about yourself more it isn’t a surprise to them. That seems to be happening to me more and more these past few years. …

by Dawn Landry | Nov 10, 2019 | Leveraging Strengths | 1 comment

How would you rank your listening skills on a scale of 1–5? For me personally, in full authentic transparency, it just depends.

For instance, I can remember a time in high school when my boyfriend mentioned that he would love a cassette tape of his favorite band, Aerosmith. Even then, I wasn’t hip on the trendiest of things so when I was able to make it to the record store in the biggest nearby town, I purchased what I thought he requested. …

by Dawn Landry | Nov 3, 2019 | Career | 2 comments

Here’s a little comic relief for this Monday morning! It’s a prime example of Misunderstanding (and Miscommunication) 101.

How do I know? Because this situation happened first-hand to me, several years ago…

The context of this sticky note has nothing to do with a question that I was asking to someone else. It was a personal reminder that I was leaving to myself so that I would remember to bring this great book (“Who Moved My Cheese”) to work for a colleague. …

by Dawn Landry | Oct 27, 2019 | Emotional Intelligence

I love it when two vastly different items appear in unrelated parallels.

I will celebrate my 49th birthday on November 2nd. And, as it turns out, this post marks my 49th release.

I truly wish that I could claim responsibility for this coincidence, but it is complete happenstance.

That got me thinking — What is the numerological meaning of the Number 49? And, what can I expect from this near half century mark and beyond?

According to, the numerological energy that the Number 49 represents is “about focus, conscientiousness…

by Dawn Landry | Oct 20, 2019 | Business Strategy & Development | 1 comment

Pictured above: Dawn was named a 2015 Woman on the Move by the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber. She is pictured here with her former colleagues and friends from Balfour Beatty Construction.

I don’t take credit for coining the “Deal Junkie” term. I DO identify with it, as I love the art of the deal; most any deal.

To me, there is no greater high in the world than when I win a new project. I love setting up the strategy and positioning with the team…

by Dawn Landry | Oct 13, 2019 | Career, Career Tips

People generally fall into two groups:
1. The Benchmarkers — Those are the followers who look over their shoulders and compare their progress to what “the Joneses” are doing. They then try to replicate the Joneses’ playbook for success.

2. The Pace Setters — Those are the folks who not only play but define the game without comparison of, or care for, the Joneses.

Which are you?

The trouble with living as a Benchmarker is that your talents/strengths/calling are unique to you. What works for someone else will only…

by Dawn Landry | Oct 6, 2019 | Career, Career Tips

While last week’s blog post was much deeper, today’s topic is a lighter observation into my transition to full adulthood. (I’m not sure why I haven’t considered myself completely “there” yet, but that’s for another day…)

These are my five of my recent reality checks as I rethink life at my emerged age:

1. The Evolution of the Flirt — Let me set the record straight. I’ve never been great at giving or receiving a flirt. For instance, it wasn’t until date three that I even knew that my…

by Dawn Landry | Sep 29, 2019 | Emotional Intelligence, Personal | 2 comments


As proven in past posts the last two years, the subject matter for my blog is varied and inspired by my personal and professional life.

I appreciate my readership and how you allow me to share my thoughts. By creating this blog post, I am not making a statement; I’m being an obedient servant to my God’s instructions. Jesus tells me that “if I won’t be ashamed of him before people that He won’t be ashamed of me before His Father in Heaven.” You have…

by Dawn Landry | Sep 22, 2019 | Business Strategy & Development

As an independent consultant who doesn’t live by a fully baked plan, advancement of the calendar shouldn’t affect me, right?


I’ve lived in the hustle and bustle of highly driven business environments too long and regularly fight off the urge to run that aggressive race.

Corporate America has engrained in us to be critically evaluative, if only to measure our performance against what we did last year and in comparison of our competition. …

by Dawn Landry | Sep 15, 2019 | Business Strategy & Development, Leveraging Strengths

When I founded Authentizity in February 2017, I had a general concept of its service offering and brought it to market with a business development focus since that’s the area in which I’ve spent a lot of my career. I was extremely blessed and highly successful out of the chute. Before I knew it, I had secured several exclusive, long-term retainers with highly-respected, world-renowned firms. I provided business development outreach and support in the Greater Houston area; my services also included technical business development training. …

Dawn Landry

Founder of Authentizity and independent business growth strategist confidentially assisting companies with customized programs.

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